Bathroom hygiene – how to make keeping your sanitary equipment clean easier?

Broadly understood hygiene is probably one of the most frequently discussed topics in the last few months. There is no doubt that we should systematically take care of cleanliness throughout the house. This time we would like to focus on the bathroom, where, due to present humidity, there are favorable environmental conditions to the development of various types of microorganisms.


We all agree that it’s worth making life easy for ourselves, especially when it comes to the often performed and not necessarily liked activities such as cleaning. The more nooks and crannies (shower trays) and uneven surfaces (grout, tiles with grooves) in the bathroom, the more effort we have to put into its cleaning. That is why it is important to think about bathroom equipment also in terms of its later maintenance.


Steel is one of the most hygienic materials used to produce bathroom fittings. Its main advantage is its exceptional resistance. First of all, it does not corrode in contact with water, so it is perfect for rooms with high humidity. Furthermore, without fear of damaging its surface, we can use slightly more invasive agents to clean it. Thanks to this, products made of steel can not only be thoroughly cleaned but also disinfected.

We calm down those who associate steel only with the silver color. Deciding on the elements made of this material, we also have plenty of scope for interior design. A steel washbasin can be the greatest decoration of the bathroomthe POLLA series by Laveo offers three eye-catching finishes: matt black, copper, and recently fashionable gold.

A good choice helping maintain cleanliness in the bathroom will also be a linear drain, which we can easily clean down. In addition, as it does not require the installation of a shower tray, there are no places where water or soap deposits can accumulate.


Not everyone is aware of the fact that while choosing faucets – apart from obvious aesthetic aspects – we should pay attention to something else. In the context of maintaining hygiene, it is worth opting for fittings equipped with a special Neoperl aerator fitted with a rubber tip that enables the quick removal of deposits and limescale. In the case of showers, the same function is performed by the anti-calc system – special rubber tips are located in an overhead shower or a hand shower. You simply need to swipe a finger over them to get rid of the accumulated dirt. All the models offering these functions that are available in the Laveo range of products have special markings in the form of pictograms.


To ensure that our bathroom will not only serve us for many years but will also look like a new one for as long as possible, you should use only dedicated cleaning and care products. Thanks to that, we can be sure that the surface of the cleaned elements will not be damaged. An additional advantage of specialist preparations is that they simultaneously maintain the surface of the cleaned elements, reducing the risk of staining or scratching.


More information on the care of the fittings can be found in the article: All that glitters is not gold? How to care for colored fittings.


Even the best quality products used to equip the bathroom will not look good if we do not take proper care of them. Of course, we can make things easier for ourselves by choosing the solutions mentioned in the article. However, it is not surprising that regularity is vital for maintaining an adequate level of hygiene in bathrooms. Unfortunately, no cleaning agents can guarantee a long-term disinfecting effect if used irregularly.