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Choosing equipment for showering- an overview of solutions

Renovation of a bathroom is a time-consuming and quite expensive undertaking. Therefore, when it comes to grappling with matter, at the stage of interior design, it is good to follow timelessness and not fashion. Since for most of us, the main housing problem is limited space, it is also worth taking care of the multifunctionality of the arranged place. If we are supporters of a shower, we may already consider ourselves winners. Its use is a great saving of space and water. Which solutions are offered by specialists in this field?


A linear shower drain adds lightness and perceptible space to the interior. Thanks to it, we can resign from acrylic or enameled steel shower trays. A compact drain, mounted directly on the floor, allows for a harmonious finish of the floor with ceramic or marble tiles- materials used in the whole bathroom. A glass cabin or walk-in door, mounted in a place not limited by a shower tray, mean great arrangement freedom. Because the length of the grating cover does not affect the reception of water, we can choose a model of any size. Therefore, the drain will work well both in small bathrooms and there where we do not have to count every single centimeter. Laveo offers linear drains of interesting design forms: Ronda, Agos and Plado with the possibility of their complete filling with a floor tile.


Choosing a shower set with a flush-mounted faucet is an opportunity to resign from displaying unsightly pipes and assembly parts. Only the necessary elements are visible in the shower area- covering plates, hot and cold water handle, hand shower and an overhead shower. Limiting the number of materials used in the shower transfers not only to the gained space but also to shorter time intended for cleaning. A concealed set with a streamlined finish is Raila by Laveo. For those looking for geometric, more modern forms, Kvadrato Laveo will be the right model.


  • Shower sets, used in a set together with a bath faucet intended for a multifunctional bathing space or with a rail attached to the wall,
  • Complete shower columns,
  • Comfortable hydrotherapy shower panels.

The key aspect in selecting the right shower solution seems to be the dimensions and the style of the arranged space. Usually, we are focused on the aesthetic values of the shower. However, it is worth paying attention to additional usability. Laveo shower columns have adjustable fixing distance increasing comfortableness of assembly. All Laveo shower products are equipped with the anti-calc system that facilitates cleaning of overhead showers and hand showers. The design of the hoses prevents them from getting twisted during use.

Kolumna Marin i bateria Kvadrato


When planning the bathing space, consider the possibility of keeping bath accessories in the shower area. Leaving cosmetics in a shower tray is not the best idea, due to the multiplication of bacteria. Holders and additional shelves will not only allow you to keep bathing items at hand but will also take care of hygiene. The Laveo brand offers Cers holder and Marin shelf, which can be mounted at any height.



Linear drains in the bathroom, beyond the unquestionable space saving and freedom of arrangement, increase safety. The elimination of a shower tray results in the lack of thresholds, which greatly facilitates the use of shower by the elderly and young children. To protect against the risk of scalding while taking a shower, you can choose to install a thermostatic faucet. It is enough to only once set a specific temperature in the Termico Laveo shower faucet to maintain it throughout its lifetime. It is therefore a comfortable solution for those who are looking for convenience and savings. By setting a constant water temperature, we save time and water.