Click-clack plugs

A click-clack is an automatic washbasin plug.
It works on the principle of a steel spring mechanism located inside the plug. Simply press the plug to close the drain, and repeat this action to open it.
Our round click-clack plug, apart from being an element of bathroom equipment, can also be a decorative detail. Laveo offers three different finishes: chrome, graphite, and black – the colored ones will add contrast to the interior, while the aesthetic chrome finish will maintain consistency with the other chrome-plated accessories.
The height-adjustable design allows easy adaptation to the washbasin. The plugs have a standardized diameter, which makes them suitable for all models of washbasins available on the European market. The plug is universal- it fits washbasins with and without overflow. High-quality silicone gaskets ensure a durable and tight connection.
Another characteristic is the outstanding durability of the material. High-quality brass used to manufacture our click-clack plugs makes them resistant to high temperatures and corrosion and ensures that they will perform their function for a long time.