Enlarged series of drain traps

Fashionable, finished in interesting colors, and refined in every detail… we are talking about washbasin drain traps.
A drain trap is an inseparable element of a bathroom. Previously hidden in a cabinet, now it is more and more often placed in plain sight, which allows maintaining a high level of aesthetics in our bathroom.
Together with a washbasin or a faucet in the same finish, it will create perfect harmony. That is why we have decided to extend our offer of drain traps, which are now available in chrome, graphite, and black finishes, with two additional golden colors in yellow and pink shade.
The washbasin drain traps are designed to facilitate easy draining of used water while the drain closure ensures that unpleasant odors will not get into our bathroom.
The round Laveo traps, with pipe adjustment ranging from 13 to 22 cm, are made of high-quality metal and are equipped with 1 1 1/4″ connection thread and rubber gaskets.

The aesthetic look and modern finish in yellow or rose gold color will allow obtaining an original effect.