Laveo granite sinks...

Native, Polish production of European quality.


Laveo sinks are manufactured in our own Factory of Granite Sinks located in Poland.

The production plant has been established with 100% Polish capital and is today one of the most modern machinery parks in the country.

The production line consists of numerical extruders, automatic lines for mold transportation, heating tunnels, conveyors for baking molds, and a CNC numerical machine tool.

Such an extensive machinery park ensures unlimited production possibilities, for which the only limit can only be the imagination of utility forms designers…

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The unique quality control system and cyclical commissioning of qualitative tests in an independent laboratory guarantee:

– thermal shock resistance
– temperature resistance
– scratch resistance
– dirt resistance
– impact resistance

The product is compliant with the standards: PN – EN 13310: 2015 “Kitchen sinks. Application requirements and test methods”.


Health Quality Certificate of the National Institute of Public Health.

The proportions of granite and resin mixture in Laveo products are 80/20, which guarantees the quality of sinks for years.

Design for people

Laveo sinks are products that maintain a pattern-functional balance. The sinks can impress with their form and surprise with their practicality. The product portfolio includes shapely models dedicated to very small kitchenettes such as the Chichi model, which is ideal for apartments for rent; comfortable, large models with draining boards and deep bowls such as Barbados, which will work well at every Master Chef’s; and spectacular Grenada or Komodo sinks, which will be a beautiful decoration of any kitchen island or kitchens open to the living room.

The mission of the Laveo brand is to create unique products that will be within the financial possibilities and budgets for kitchen renovation works.

Laveo is also the design appreciated by interior architects. This is them who, thanks to the products of our brand, make each kitchen unique in its own way.

We create sinks from A to Z

The assumption of the Laveo brand is to offer sinks that are created from the concept stage, through research processes, production of molds, and casting of the finished product.

However, to let the sink fulfill its function, it should have a complete set of equipment. In the product price, we offer you a sink with all accessories that, regardless of the model, is kitted up with a 3.5-inch drain trap with a practical, removable strainer ensuring that food leftovers will not get into the installation. All drain traps are equipped with dishwasher connections, as well as with overflows that protect the kitchen against accidental flooding, which is extremely important if the kitchen is used by the elderly or small children.

The brand adds space saver drain traps to all granite products, which, thanks to a special side construction, helps in arranging the space under the sink. It is thanks to them that in the cabinet under the sink, we are able to accommodate waste segregation bins or household chemicals.

In the factory, at the product preparation stage, each sink is given a drain plug. Depending on the model, it is a classic pop-up waste, minimalist pneumatic plug, or a click-clack.

These solutions allow you to fill the sink bowl with water, closing the drain with a single movement, and then drain the dirty water without putting your hands in it.

Feeling responsible for the product, Laveo also prepared special preparations for cleaning and maintaining sinks. Thanks to them, the sink will serve for many years, and the once incurred expenditure will spread over a period of up to 10 years, thereby saving our clients’ home budget. A sink that can be used successfully for a decade is also a small contribution to a very wise idea of limiting consumerism.

Laveo sinks awarded by interior design magazines and jury of design competitions.

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Maria Kubiak – a graduate of Lodz University of Technology.

A designer of original sink projects.

She created her first product for the Polish brand Laveo in 2011.

Madagaskar- a sink enthusiastically sold on the Polish market for years, was the debut model.


The author of such collections as Barbados, Grenada, and Komodo – a model dedicated to kitchens designed by architects.

She says about herself that she likes to work under time pressure.

She claims that the best ideas arise in creative chaos.

She believes that her best project worth the prestigious RED DOT award is yet to come.


Privately so-called Polish Mother who rides, skis, snowboards, cycles, rollerblades, learns windsurfing and plans to try her hand at sports whose names start with every letter of the alphabet, including descending into the Mariana Trench during deep-sea diving.


She says about the series of sinks she created:

“I design for others as for myself, that they would feel like it was only for them …”

Applied arts with a sink in the lead role


Today’s kitchens don’t only serve the utility function. Today, more and more often, they are connected to living rooms and serve as a center for social and family gatherings.

Changes in our lifestyle brought by the 21st century, the more frequently chosen model of eating out, or plumping for a box diet are the reasons why we cook in the kitchen less and less often.

On the other hand, some of us are passionate about watching food shows and trying their hand at creating culinary delights. Hence the change of the role and appearance of such equipment as the sink.

In addition to the functions that it was always supposed to perform, there has been added the emphasis on the design, which departs from the utilitarian character.  The best example of production possibilities in the field of Laveo sinks and the new concept according to which the sink can also be a decoration is the Komodo model. In line with the idea of the Łódź artist Anna Modrzejewska, it was richly decorated on the occasion of launching the production of this extremely technologically complicated sink.

More about Anna Modrzejewska’s project in the article ,,Sztuka użytkowa”

Sinks from the heart

To celebrate the launch of the new production line of the Laveo granite sink, you have an unrivaled opportunity to participate in a charity drive. BonaFaro – the name of a granite sink, the income from the sale of which is devoted to activities of a social campaign The Family is for Children, supporting foster families and children from orphanages.  Now you can pick a granite sink for your new kitchen and enjoy the fact that your purchase has contributed to the joy of children from children’s homes in Lodz. For more about how and where to buy the BonaFaro sink, visit

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