Gold in the kitchen

For centuries, gold has been a sign of luxury and high quality. Once exclusively in the form of jewelry, now, it more boldly enters the interiors, including kitchens, which, being the heart of the house, delight more and more often.

How to introduce this color of finish so as not to exaggerate and achieve an elegant and balanced effect? If we are at the stage of renovation and we decide that the golden color should appear on wall elements or furniture, it is worth combining it with white. This will allow us to arrange our kitchen more boldly so that it will remain adequately cozy and stylish. There is also an option to introduce a golden color with no great expense or revolution in the form of exchanging tiles. Remember that it is the details that add character to the whole, and in the case of a kitchen, we have a lot of possibilities! Even a small modification in the form of replacing a lamp or handles in the cabinets will give the impression of luxury. Golden jars standing on the countertop, a clock, or herbal pots hanging on the wall are the fastest and easiest to replace. However, the kitchen is a place that can quickly verify the reasonability of decorative accessories, so it is important that they are also functional. Such can certainly be found among the products by Laveo. The Evora series of faucets in antique gold and copper finishes can be easily matched to a granite sink in a white, beige, or black color. Another proposal is a minimalist Polla faucet in a rose gold finish, equipped with a black, flexible, and movable spout. The whole can be complemented with a steel Marmara sink available in graphite and rose gold finishes.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities, and golden accessories also fit perfectly in kitchens with dark wood and grays, which have recently become very popular. When it comes to timeless elegance, it is a good idea to combine a golden kitchen faucet and golden cabinet handles with the white of furniture and tiles, complementing the whole with bright-hued warm wood in the form of a countertop, or parquet. White granite sink and a light countertop that will resemble marble in appearance and pattern will make the room very chic and elegant. The modern and geometric order can be achieved with a golden kitchen faucet placed against a black wall/black tiles. A black sink, geometric white tiles on the walls, wood with a darker shade on the floor, and dark marble or granite kitchen countertops can be a substitute. Those who prefer the industrial style can also use a golden faucet that will add a luxurious touch to a loft arrangement. In such a version, it will perfectly fit a brick, black, or unfinished concrete wall, raw wood, simple, white kitchen furniture, and steel geometric forms. The whole will be nicely complemented with a hanging industrial lamp with elements in shades of gold.

When introducing the golden color into the kitchen, act with moderation. Too much of it can overwhelm, while too little will not be noticeable. However, keeping the balance, and combining it properly with other elements, guarantees that the room is attractive and timeless.