How to achieve glamour style in the bathroom?

The glamour style came into being as a result of longing for times full of luxury and exclusive goods. Rooms arranged in such aesthetics are supposed to resemble palace-like chambers from the times of Louis XIV, which were full of luxurious wares. Quilted furniture on bent legs, shiny accessories, and carved decorations are highly desirable.


Glamour-style interiors are usually kept in shades of white and black, while other colors are less common. If they appear, they most often come in the form of golden or silver accessories, and sporadically in more intense colors, among which shades of violet or pink are predominant.

The key aspect of this style is shine, so it is worth thinking carefully about how to light up the room. Crystal chandeliers or decorative wall lamps, which will not only decorate the bathroom but will also allow proper illumination of other elements of the decor, thus emphasizing their character, will turn out to be perfect.


A lot depends on whether we plan a general overhaul or we arrange a bathroom from scratch, or else we want to achieve the glamour effect with the use of accessories.

While designing interiors from scratch, we have unlimited possibilities. We can use tiles maintained in the glamorous style – for example, those imitating marble in combination with golden details, or cover the walls with soft wallpaper dedicated to bathrooms. Lucky owners of large bathing rooms may also be tempted to have a free-standing bath with decorative legs.

However, by investing in stylish accessories, we can successfully achieve the glamorous effect in less intrusive ways. It is enough to replace a mirror with the one in a massive, ornamental frame made of carved wood or metal. Another possibility is the new fittings- it is worth paying special attention to the Zorita series, which is one of the latest collections by Laveo. Its faucets and showers are available in two finishes: white and black, and both of them are complemented by a subtle chrome stripe placed on the spout and the handle.


An interesting solution is replacing bathroom furniture handles with ornamental ones that refer to the glamour style. If our cabinets have legs, we can also successfully replace them with their carved equivalents.

It should be remembered that this style is mainly dashing accessories in the form of glossy, crystal dispensers, candles, or fresh flowers, and it is worth using them while starting an adventure with this type of aesthetics.

The glamour-style bathroom is certainly worth thinking over and well planning. Even though the style is characterized by splendor, it does not mean you can’t overdo it. It’s also worth considering a step-by-step introduction of decorations to dose the effect and avoid kitschy results.