How to create a loft-style bathroom?

Loft style is currently one of the most desirable trends in interior design. Its character consists of a specific decor referring to the architecture of post-industrial buildings- primarily the rawness of form and space, a moderate amount of accessories, and neutral colors. Interiors in these aesthetics are decorated according to the “less is more” principle with the use of such materials as concrete, brick, or metal, while exposed pipes, cables, or electrical and hydraulic installations are the best decorations.

This style is increasingly transferred from rooms to kitchens and bathrooms. During the renovation, we decide on red brick, concrete, or exposed walls. Even in a small flat in an apartment building, you can tempt yourself to an industrial arrangement. What counts is the idea, furnishing, and stylish accessories, not the size of the interior. Such a solution will be a mirror placed on the wall, which will visually enlarge the space and lighten up every small bathroom.

Polla – Steel countertop washbasin

If you do not want to significantly alter the interior and renovations are not on your mind, we give you a hint on how to easily achieve the desired loft-like effect. The secret lies in accessories that are the easiest and fastest to change. Thanks to a few tricks and small measures, you will quickly obtain the desired result.

For example, by using faucets with a characteristic, minimalist shape. A perfect choice, in this case, would be the Pretto series, whose graphite or black matt accents will give the interior a new quality. Fashionable, simple, clear lines and geometric contours, which can be found in faucets from the Polla series, will guarantee a unique style and charm. Timeless black will become a contrast complementing the interior. We can decide on a small change in the form of a washbasin faucet, or a modification in the bathing area – a bath, shower, or a flush-mounted shower faucet or a shower set. However, not only the fittings can alter our bathroom.

The Laveo brand has extended its range by Polla washbasins made of #304 stainless steel. The washbasins are available in three finishes, among which you will also find the black one.

Fans of industrial spaces can choose from the Laveo range of products, emphasizing the unique atmosphere of the interior.