The key to distinguishing genuine watches from counterfeit watches

"Spotting a Fake" offers tips that will help novices when faced with a potentially fake watch spot details that won't mislead a professional. Online gaming is offered to the public in a more interesting way. The goal is to be able to easily differentiate between fake and genuine watches. In particular, it allows you to identify which of 11 watches from different manufacturers are completely authentic. or not !

Due to the diversity of brands and their countless collections, and given the means that counterfeiters now use, identifying counterfeit goods, often very well made, becomes very complicated.

Counterfeiters go to great lengths to deceive consumers. Rolex is one of the most coveted timepieces and often has the most copied models. Someone with bad intentions has even engraved Rolex's laser-cut crown into the glass. To the naked eye there isn't much of a difference, but magnification reveals the sloppy nature of the faux engraving. That’s why every detail, even the smallest, matters when it comes to tracking down fakes and not being fooled.

According to Watchfinder & Co, 47.2% of counterfeit products have fake bracelets or fake links. And 27% of the dials, almost as many clasps and 18% of the hands were not authentic.

It could also be the bezel, the crown, or all the other parts that make it up. An explainer video on the topic provides a very complete analysis of the authentication process replica watches. They were also produced by Watchfinder & Co in conjunction with the campaign.

In France, counterfeiting is considered a violation of intellectual property rights. According to Watchfinder & Co, they are most commonly found in France, Ile-de-France and the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes region. It is estimated that more than 40 million counterfeit watches are sold globally each year. With this campaign, the leader in the second-hand watch industry seeks to raise awareness among as many people as possible to prevent and make it easier to detect these counterfeit products.