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The diversity of bath mixers can make you feel dizzy. You can choose from among different finishes, the most popular of which is chrome, but there are also more sophisticated ones such as white or black. Bathtub mixers can also have their advantages depending on their construction. The basic mixers are those mounted on the wall. Laveo offer also includes the so-called standing mixers, mounted on a bathtub. To save space in a small bathroom, you can select foldable models, whose spout can be folded flat after filling the bathtub with water. In addition, we can choose a single-handle mixer in which the desired temperature is set with a single hand movement. Another option is thermostatic mixers equipped with a special cartridge with a limiter. Thanks to such cartridges, we and our families are safe because the mixer will always provide water at the temperature set on the thermostat- usually 38 degrees Celsius, which gives the best thermal comfort.