Range hoods

Laveo range hoods are a wide portfolio of products following the current trends in kitchen arrangement. The offer includes chimney hoods, telescopic hoods, as well as hoods mounted above an induction hob or a cooker- the so-called under-cabinet range hoods.

Laveo hoods are characterized by a quiet mode of operation – from 47 to 65 dB, which corresponds to the level of noise produced by a home vacuum cleaner. All Laveo hoods have safe mechanical control and halogen or LED lighting. They can work in two modes- as an extractor and as an absorber, which is very important, e.g. in blocks of flats, where the administrative restrictions prohibit the connection of any devices to ventilation shafts.

Laveo range hoods are available in two most popular widths – 50 and 60 cm, and thus can be selected depending on the width of the cooking zone. They are made of high-quality steel. Selected models also have elements made of tempered glass.

Their motors, depending on the real capacity, draw power from 80 to 120W, which places them in a group of devices which do not generate large energy expenses. The efficiency of Laveo range hoods varies from 150 to 380 sqm / h, which allows them to work in rooms of various sizes, up to kitchens with an area of 31.5 sqm! All Laveo hood models include aluminium filters as standard. These filters allow them to work as extractors. After replacing such filters with the carbon ones, they also function as absorbers.

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