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Kitchen mixers

Laveo kitchen mixers are the answer to the needs of every kitchen, no matter if decorated in a minimalist, industrial or traditional style. Thanks to the diversity of design forms, every user arranging the kitchen will find in the product portfolio a detail that perfectly complements the arrangement.

Laveo kitchen fittings have been made of MO59 brass, considered to be perfect quality material, and equipped with long-life ceramic cartridges. A rich selection of products includes both mixers with short bodies, for sinks with deep bowls, and those with U-, L- and F-shaped spouts. Laveo kitchen mixers also comprise models dedicated to non-typical needs and high functional requirements – spouts that can be folded at 90 degrees (for using under the window) or those with a spring.

Among the variety of finishes, there are mixers with granite coating, which is ideally suited to the most popular colours of granite sinks, as well as those with elements of red, turquoise and yellow, to answer the needs of unusual arrangements based on the play of colours.

Laveo kitchen mixers have a long, 8-year warranty period for the bodies and cartridges. This demonstrates not only the quality of the fittings, but also the lifespan of components.