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Linear drains

Every year, shower linear drains are becoming more and more popular. Their types can be divided into wall or longitudinal and point floor drains.

Due to their innumerable advantages, among which there is the aesthetic coherence in the bathroom, linear drains displace standard shower trays. Thanks to linear drains, the wet zone can be completely covered with tiles identical as those on the floor in the dry zone. In addition, you can choose a drain with a decorative grill or the one with a place for a tile. This makes the place of water outflow virtually invisible. These products are also universal due to the range of their length- 50 cm to 100 cm. Therefore, they can be used even in small bathrooms. For bathrooms in blocks of flats, because of some specific ceiling restrictions, it is worth considering linear drains equipped with low siphons. Laveo linear drains are a solution that is easy to maintain. At any time and within a few minutes, you can clean the strainer without using any specialized parts. Linear drains, if selected from steel 304, will serve for years. Laveo linear drains are additionally equipped with safe siphons and levelling feet, which will facilitate their assembly. Thanks to the included hook, you can easily remove the grate and clean the drain trap in the shower area.