Hand showers

Hand showers are an important complement to shower and bath mixers. Therefore, most of these mixers are offered without a hand shower so that every potential user has a chance to choose the most optimal model. And there is a lot to choose from. The first criterion for choosing a hand shower is its shape- round, square or rectangular. The second important factor is the number of streams. Laveo’s offer includes those with rain, massage, mixed or mist streams. Hand showers also differ in the method of changing the type of the stream- through a switch or rotation of the head. While choosing a perfect model, it is worth to bet on the one with the function of removing limescale – with the anti-calc system. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a smaller hand shower or a larger one with a bigger number of nozzles. Among the hand showers, as well as other elements of interior decoration, we can find models designed for classic or minimalist bathrooms. Considering the fact that the hand shower is a natural complement to a bath or a shower mixer, you can also choose ideal finish- chrome or a combination of colours, such as chrome and white. Before buying a hand shower, you should take it in your hand and check if the handle is ergonomic and comfortable and verify the weight of the product (some people prefer lighter hand showers while others more massive ones).

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