Shower columns

In recent years, shower columns have been one of the most popular shower solutions.

Laveo products, in their basic version, consist of an overhead shower, a hand shower, standard mounting elements, and a shower hose.

In more complex versions, shower columns have additional elements such as special shelves, hooks, handles or soap dishes, which increase the comfort of use.

Premium sets category is equipped with mixing or thermostatic shower taps. The latter allows you to set a constant water temperature- most often 38 degrees C, or any other that provides thermal comfort. Thanks to such a solution, thermostatic products are ideally suited for bathrooms used by older people or children. The temperature blockade will protect the users from accidental opening a hot water stream, and thus from being scalded. Another interesting and at the same time convenient solution in shower columns is a bathtub mixer, thanks to which such a column can be mounted on a bathtub with a screen or under the shower. Its spout will certainly facilitate, for example, filling buckets with water while cleaning.

In case of additional functionalities, it is worth paying attention to the anti-calc system that helps remove limescale created as a result of using an overhead shower or a hand shower. Another, extremely important convenience is the adjustable fixing distance, which allows you to mount the column in the same place as the old shower set. It is important in a situation when we only exchange a shower set and do not plan any general redecoration, including tiles replacement. When choosing a shower column, we should also consider the shape corresponding to the other elements of fittings. You can choose from modern, classic, retro, round or square models. Among the finishes, the most popular are chrome and chrome combined with white elements.

The last element in a standard shower column is a shower hose. It is best to choose those extensible ones, which will serve for many years, and those with the anti-twist system preventing the hose from getting twisted. If you value ecology, it is worth choosing the ultra-flat rain shower (otherwise slim), in which water is not collected and the reaction time of cutting off the water supply is almost instantaneous. This will also protect us from water dripping from a shower after its use.

During the warranty period, Laveo brand covers all shower columns with the door-to-door technical service.

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