Laveo bathroom mixers comprise a large product portfolio characterised by modern design and materials of outstanding quality. All of them are made of MO59 brass and feature durable ceramic heads. The taps will work great with modern, industrial interior arrangements and rooms with traditional design. The lines from Laveo constitute complementary sets for sanitary arrangement of bathrooms, comprising washbasin, bath, shower and bidet mixers, thanks to which the design of the entire bathroom remains consistent and refined down to the last detail.


In line with the trends and colours of choice in interior design in Poland, the Laveo bathroom mixer range includes models with black and white elements in cubist, futuristic and traditional forms.


Laveo mixers mean not only quality and design, but also water savings. All taps from the brand’s product portfolio feature aerators, which mix water with air, thus ensuring water savings and a flow which is suitable for use. Furthermore, all models are mixer taps, which further contributes towards savings, as it eliminates the need to manoeuvre the knobs to set the optimum water temperature.


Laveo mixers equal quality and functionality, as evidenced by the long period of warranty granted for the body and head of each mixer, which amounts to 8 years.


The broad term “showers” refers to a broad range of shower products, which include hydromassage panels, columns, shower sets, overhead showers, hand showers and shower hoses.


The wide selection of finishes and designs makes it possible for find the perfect solution for your bathroom. This is due to the fact that the shower range comprises models in chrome finish, vintage-style products in the colour of antique brass and showers with white elements. Depending on preferences, Laveo features both wall-mounted and flush-mounted showers.


The broad range of Laveo shower products includes products for every interior, from vintage to modern, to minimalist. Depending on the size and nature of the bathroom area, Laveo showers can be used both in shower cabins and in bathtubs.


All shower products from Laveo feature an anti-limescale system, which enables easy cleaning and seamless use of elements such as overhead showers and hand showers. Furthermore, each hose is designed in a way preventing it from twisting and tangling during use.


Laveo showers are made from materials which are the most popular with customers due to the ability to create interesting designs as well as their ease of use and cleaning. They are made of steel and feature elements made of lightweight ABS or brass.


Laveo sink mixers are a solution for the needs of every kitchen, whether minimalist, industrial or traditional. Thanks to the variety of tap designs, each user arranging their kitchen will find one which perfectly complements their interior in the brand’s portfolio.


Laveo kitchen fixtures are made of MO59 brass, which is considered a material of outstanding quality, and boast highly durable ceramic heads. The wide selection of the brand’s products features both low-profile mixers for kitchen sinks with deep bowls and mixers with U-, L- and F-shaped spouts. Laveo kitchen sinks also include models suitable for untypical needs and high functional expectations – for instance models which fold at a 90-degree angle (for use under windows) or models on a spring.


The diverse palette of finishes features mixers with porcelain stoneware and granite coating, which perfectly matches the most popular colours of mineral sinks, as well as taps with red, turquoise and yellow elements, meeting the needs of extraordinary arrangements which favour forms based on the interplay of colours.


Laveo kitchen mixers feature a long warranty for the body and head, which amounts to 8 years. This demonstrates not only the quality but also the longevity of the components of each product.


Laveo granite sinks comprise a broad range of products characterised by style and elegance. Among them are models of various shapes, sizes and colours of finishes, which makes it easy to select a product suitable for any interior.


All of them have one thing in common: the high quality and thickness of the material used, which ensures longevity and high resistance to impact. The technology of production of Laveo granite sinks is based on a proprietary mix of raw materials POLIGRAN, which combines 80 per cent of minerals and 20 per cent of polyester resins, ensuring high resistance to external factors.


The wide selection of Laveo granite sinks features single-bowl, double-bowl and single-and-half-bowl models, as well as the most popular single-bowl sinks with a drainer. The colours of finishes in the brand’s portfolio include beige, black and white sinks.


Granite sinks from Laveo are manufactured in Poland and the production quality is constantly monitored and controlled by brand experts. All of them boast long 10-year warranties.


Laveo cooker hoods comprise a broad range of products which follow the current trends in kitchen design. The portfolio includes chimney hoods, telescopic and integrated hoods, i.e. hoods which are mounted above induction hobs or cookers.


Laveo hoods are characterised by low noise – from 47 to 65 dB, which corresponds to the noise level of a household vacuum cleaner. All Laveo hoods feature safe mechanical controls and lighting in the form of halogen or LED lamps. They can work in two modes – as extractors or absorbers – which is very important for example in blocks of flats where administrative limitations prohibit connection of devices to ventilation ducts.


Laveo hoods are available in the two most popular widths – 50 and 60 cm – depending on the width of the cooking area. They are made of high quality steel. Selected models also feature elements made of tempered glass.


Depending on their effective efficiency, the engines of Laveo hoods consume from 80 to 120W, which means they are devices which do not generate high energy costs. The efficiency of Laveo hoods ranges from 150 to 380 m2/h, which makes it possible for them to operate in kitchens of various sizes, up to 31.5 m2! All models of Laveo hoods come with aluminium filters which turn them into extractors. After exchanging the filter for a carbon one, they can also serve as absorbers.


Laveo accessories are products which complement the basic product range. They include both spare parts and additional product elements. This category comprises bathroom and kitchen accessories.


Bathroom accessories from Laveo include soap dishes, shower holders, shower elbows and flush-mounted elements. Kitchen accessories include cutting boards, dispensers for dish detergent or sink soap, as well as hood elements – duct covers, carbon filters, pipes, elbows and reducers.


One other category of accessories comprises detergents. These include cleaning detergents for granite and steel sinks and fixtures, as well as a product for maintenance and impregnation of granite sinks.


Kitchen and bathroom accessories from Laveo are versatile and work with products of other manufacturers of sanitary equipment and cooker hoods. They have been awarded the required certificates permitting e.g. contact with food.