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Which faucet to choose to match a granite sink?

A kitchen should be a functional space. The wash-up area needs to be properly equipped and provided with all the necessary elements. When choosing a granite sink, you should match it with suitable kitchen fittings. A wide range of faucets makes it much easier, but it is important to remember that you should not only be guided by visual considerations but also by functionality.

It is claimed that granite faucets are best suited to granite sinks. And that’s true! Granite faucets are characterized by exceptional elegance and durability. Similarly to models made of steel, they are resistant to temperature changes, scratches, or mechanical damage. That is why the Laveo range of products includes complete sets comprising a sink and a faucet matching its color. Among such ready-made sets, we can find the Barbados series, which offers three finishes to choose from (beige, gray, and black) and the Celia series, which includes four versions of the sink (1-, 1,5- and 2-bowl) with a faucet.

Apart from ready-made sets, the Laveo offer includes granite faucets, which can be individually fitted to the sink. The color match will help create a harmonious whole. Properly shaped and movable spouts also weight in favor of faucets. We have low Iga faucets with a long spout or Daga faucets equipped with a pull-out spout.

The offer includes Lena faucets with an “L” spout and Luna faucets with a pull-out spout.

Lete faucets with a “U” spout or Daru ones with a U-shaped pull-out spout. The pull-out spout is practical and helpful, not only in the case of kitchen sinks in large formats. With such a model, we gain more comfort in the daily preparation of meals or dishwashing. Moreover, thanks to a long hose, it is possible, for example, to fill a pot standing on the countertop with water without having to put it into the sink.

You might think that matching the right faucet with your sink is schematic. A steel sink goes with a chrome faucet and a granite sink with a granite faucet. Such a combination looks good but is not the only option. The materials can be combined, therefore, we can pair a chrome-plated faucet with a granite sink. Such a combination will be extremely interesting and will provide a great contrast in the kitchen space, playing, at the same time, a decorative role. We can choose between chrome-plated faucets or those combining chrome with colored elements, such as the square Kvadrato series, whose body is colored, while the L-shaped spout is chrome-plated. It is similar in the case of the Polla series – minimalist faucets with a “U” spout that have a colored body or come with a colorful, movable, and flexible spout.

However, this is not the end of the possibilities offered by the Laveo brand, because we can equip a granite sink with a colorful faucet in graphite or black finish, or with a faucet combining colors like, for example, black and gold. Such solutions can be found in the Evora, Pretto, and Polla series.

When matching the faucet to the sink, it is also worth paying attention to the shape, size, and functionality of the spout. Remember that the faucet can perfectly complement the arrangement, but it should not overshadow it.