MURO series

Following current trends in kitchen design.

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Pretto series

Muro series


The gold version of Marmara

The Marmara series of steel sinks is definitely a collection for demanding customers. It is a response to the needs of the interior design market, which is constantly in the search for original, modern elements of kitchen equipment. The Marmara…

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Upright bath mixer Pola

The Pola series has been enriched with a new model designed for large bathrooms and bathing lounges. The upright bath mixer has become available for sale in 4 colors: chrome, black as well as classic and rose gold.

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White decorative siphon

Washbasin siphons are products that become appreciated as decorative elements ever more often. They are constantly growing in popularity, mainly due to the current craze for washbasin consoles that allow siphons to be displayed. Laveo's offer was…

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Granite washbasin Amber

The Amber model is our second offer, after Albano, in the category of granite washbasins and is an excellent alternative to the ubiquitous ceramics.

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Plugs in new finishes

Click-clack plugs have long since ceased to serve a purely utilitarian function. Even though their main task is still to close and open the water outflow, they have also become an important decorative element.

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