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Create a grey-t kitchen


Trends and Inspirations

Grey – next to the ‘graciously reigning’ white – is the most popular “kitchen” color. The Internet is flooded with photos of the grey fronts of a popular chain store, which are praised by ordinary mortals, homegrown decorators and professional designers. However, if you ask people what they associate this color with, in the vast majority of cases, you will hear that it is boring, cold and unremarkable. What, therefore, is the phenomenon of grey?


First of all, the scale of grey is very wide. Depending on the intensity of a chosen shade, we can optically enlarge, add character and boldness, and temper or dynamize the space. The rich palette of shades definitely makes it easier to choose the right color.

The second undoubted advantage of grey is its versatility. It will look good in combination with any finish – wood, metal or stone. Each kitchen fitting (chrome-plated, inox or black) and any- also pastel- household appliances match grey. All this makes grey fit perfectly in both classic and modern interiors.


If we do not want to drastically interfere with the decor of our kitchen, into which we have certainly put a lot of heart, work and money, and, at the same time, we have let ourselves be seduced by the charm of grey, it is worth thinking about this color in a more minimalist way, other than changing fronts or tiles.

As preparing Laveo’s offer, we strive to follow current trends and meet our customers’ needs as much as possible – we come to you with a ready-made solution, or rather a whole bunch of them.


In the current price list you will find as many as 9 granite sinks in a grey finish. Each of the types of sinks included in the two most popular series – CELIA and DAFNE – has gained its grey appearance. We can choose our perfect sink from among several options: 1-, 1,5- and 2-bowl- oval or rectangular- sinks with or without drainer. Thanks to this, regardless of the size of our kitchen, you can find a functional and effective sink in Laveo offer.


A perfect complement to the grey kitchen sink – although it looks equally good with any other finish – will be a grey kitchen mixer. At this point, POLA (BAP 978D) is worth mentioning. This particular mixer is distinguished not only by its grey finish, but thanks to the movable, flexible spout it is also very practical to use.


The unquestionable king in the field of Laveo grey shades is JUKON- a range hood, which can work both as an extractor fan and as an absorber. Its grey finish makes it an absolute exception among traditional black and steel hoods and will certainly be beautifully presented in the heart of your “grey” kitchen.

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Trends and Inspirations

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