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How to fit a tap to a washbasin?



Washbasin and washbasin mixer are the most often used elements of equipment of any bathroom. Therefore it is worth considering carefully which models to choose, particularly as far as functionality is concerned. So, what to pay attention to when buying a washbasin and fitting a matching tap?

What to start with? Washbasin or mixer?

Basically it does not really matter whether a model of washbasin or mixer is selected first. However please note that for furniture, or inset washbasins or such purchased together with a cabinet, low upright mixers are dedicated. For countertop washbasins mixers with high bodies are designed, which in most cases have a “countertop” feature included in their name. The most universal models of taps are wall-mounted ones – classic, installed with use of offset unions, as well as those for concealed installation. They will be suitable for any washbasin type.

A key matter which is decisive whether a given set is comfortable in use, are distances between individual elements. Here this means:

  • A height at which the spout is provided

Above all a distance between the end of the spout and the bottom of the sink must be large enough to allow hands to be washed freely. On the other hand a spout cannot be too far away from the inner wall of the washbasin to avoid splashing water (especially at high pressure).

  • Reach of spout

Depending on washbasin profiling – whether it is deep with more vertical walls or rather shallow and flat – a spout should be either longer or shorter accordingly. From the point of view of ergonomics, it is best if the stream pours in the centre of the washbasin, rather than on its walls. As a result water will not splash, and in the area where it pours after some time limescale may start to collect. It is similar in case of wall-mounted mixers and a distance which a washbasin is away from the wall. If a mixer of your liking seems to be too short, please check if it is fitted with a movable aerator – Pinar, Pretto, Pola. With adjustable water stream angle the stream can be directed more to the centre.

  • Location of lever

Single-handle upright washbasin mixers can be provided with a lever on the top or the side of the body. As long as the first option is exceptionally universal and comfortable, the best example of which are Pola mixers, when opting for a model with lever on the side, you should bear in mind two things. First – this applies mainly to countertop models – whether the mixer is at an adequate height. If a washbasin is exceptionally high or has an unconventional shape it may turn out that you will find it hard to turn water on and off, trying to reach a low positioned lever. Then mixers with levers at a higher height my prove to be useful, such as Pretto. Second – pay attention whether the handle is not too close to the edge of the washbasin and when turning water on, the handle does not touch it.

  • Distance between tap and (countertop) washbasin

Here it means to have a wider view on functionality of the set and to care that the area around the washbasin is clean. The body of the mixer should be kept at such distance from the washbasin so it is easy to slip a hand in between them to wash the top. What is it all for that you can comfortably wash your hands if cleaning of the bathroom will drive you round the bend?


What else to pay attention to when buying washbasin and mixer?

When opting for an inset washbasin, before buying a mixer you should bear in mind some relevant details. Firstly, whether a model of your choice is provided with a factory cut hole for mixer. If so you can opt to purchase a low mixer to be installed directly on a washbasin. Please note that the hole for tapware is universal owing to which you can be sure that any mixer will be suitable.  
The other issue is overflow. It is not provided in countertop washbasins, while it is very often (it is not a rule though) that it is found in furniture models, the major part of which is located under the top. An overflow is intended to disable overflow of water from the washbasin and drain its excess to the sewers. Such washbasin needs to have a plug with overflow installed. Thus, it is necessary to check what kind of plug is supplied with the mixer. Usually low bathroom taps have a plug with overflow supplied, and high ones – plug without overflow, but it is not always the case. A comfortable solution is to pick a universal plug which is suitable for all washbasins.  
When selecting a mixer it is worth considering preferences of its users. It is mainly about the positioning of the lever which is of great importance, particularly for left-handers. As a matter of fact models with lever on the side, thanks to movable spout, can be mounted with the lever on either left or right side but if a mixer is to be used by multiple users, the safest solution will be to pick models with mixer on the top of the body.  

! Installation guide for countertop models

Before cutting holes in the top and installing washbasin and mixer it is best to first position them provisionally to adjust the distances. Check if the spout reaches the centre point of the washbasin as close as possible and if the body is not too close to the latter. Secondly set the tap and the washbasin in an appropriate distance from the wall to be able to freely wash the space around and move the lever to the full extent.

A way to improve functionality in the bathroom

It is more and more often that you expect something extra of a washbasin tap. You care about being able to comfortably rinse the interior of the washbasin after brushing your teeth or to water plants provided in the bathroom. Just simply have a kitchen mixer, best if fitted with pull-out spout and two stream types (constant and rain), installed at the washbasin. A sink tap ensures not only a way better functionality but also a unique interior décor.

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