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Each of us would like to abandon oneself to a bit of relaxation from time to time? It is easy if we can afford a weekend in spa. But it gets complicated when an excess of professional and family duties does not allow for a moment of relaxation away from home. Then a home SPA may come to one’s aid. It is not as luxury as SPA & wellness in a luxury hotel but it has one undeniable merit – you do not have to make an advance reservation and put the cart before the horse! Besides, it is much cheaper and right at your fingertips – whenever you feel like having a moment of relaxation.
A recipe for home SPA? A few professional cosmetics, aromatic candles, relaxing music and hydromassage. Simple, isn’t it? Let’s do this!

Professional cosmetics

Professional face masks or specialist bath additives with care properties are no longer characteristic only of beauty and SPA & wellness salons. Similar products may be easily purchased on online auctions or cosmetic wholesale companies. Of course, some of them are a bit “more difficult to use”, as they require special preparation from powder components and face cream in appropriate proportion, but, hey, anything for our well-being, right?

Relax for the soul is essential

Remember, when your mind is relaxing – your body is relaxing, too. Therefore, it is good to take care of not only treatments for body but also “for the soul”. Aromatic candles and relaxing music will prove to be useful for this. Among the calming and relaxing aromas, the golden three is: rose, orange blossom and lavender. Even if you do not have candles with these aromas, there is nothing wrong in using different ones you particularly like… after all, it is supposed to be a moment of pleasure for you!

In addition to the therapeutic aroma and a warm light of candles, another relaxing element is worth using – sound… and it does not necessarily have to be a relaxing Indian music, as it may generally seem. Think of a music which makes you most often calm, which songs make your heart rate slow down? Record a few such “soothers” on a CD or copy to your mobile phone and create your own SPA playlist. If you do not know such music, we recommend the music of Oliver Shanti – he always has a standard repertoire for such occasions, because he combines stylish French origins with oriental sounds.


This is the most complicated aspect of home SPA, as it requires an investment if you do not have a bathtub with hydromassage. Depending on financial possibilities, you have, however, a few options on different price levels.

Marcin Szymke, product manager for Laveo hydrotherapy.
“The easiest and relatively cheapest solution is to buy a multifunctional handshower which only needs to be installed as a replacement of the old one. This solution will cost from 30 to 50 zlotys, depending on the model". "When buying a handshower, it is good to read on the product packaging what options it offers. For a body massage, a needle-bath would be the best option, but if you want to stimulate microcirculation in the most external skin layers, a “misty jet” will be perfect.

There is also another solution which imitates almost perfectly the effect you may achieve in a bathtub with hydromassage. It consists in buying a hydromassage mat which is placed at the bottom of the bathtub and manually adjusted depending on the desired effect. This is, however, a more expensive solution, because it requires an investment of around PLN 300.
Being this way prepared for a moment of relaxation, you will not only unwind after a hard day, but also you will improve the look of your skin. Water steam from hot bath dilates skin pores thanks to which beneficial substances better penetrate the skin improving it.

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