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What is this bidet for, anyway?



Almost anyone has heard about a bidet. But not everyone who has heard of it, probably knows what it is for. What is a bidet for? Is it worth having one in your bathroom? Here is your answer.

A bidet resembles a toilet seat by appearance. Its shape is similar to a toilet bowl, but unlike the latter, it has no toilet seat mounted. Instead of holes for its fixation, a bidet has a hole for mixer. Bidet mixers are also a separate tapware category. Due to a specificity of use, these models are fitted with special, extended and movable aerators. A possibility to manoeuvre the end of the spout allows for a comfortable use of a bidet by any household member.

Due to the fact that the use of bidet raises many doubts – let us explain. A bidet is used for washing intimate areas. Thus it should be provided in a direct proximity to the toilet bowl, so you can keep full hygiene after using the toilet. You can sit on it with your front or back. A more convenient is the first option though, as it ensures a comfortable access to the mixer and possibility to adjust water temperature and stream intensity.

Whom is a bidet for? For everyone

So if you know what is a bidet for, let us clear another doubt: who needs it? A bidet can be used by both adults and children. As far as daily hygiene is concerned, this solution is exceptionally comfortable, because you do not have to take off your clothes to have a wash, so you are able to prepare yourself, e.g. to go to work or school, considerably faster. There are however those who will be particularly pleased with a bidet.

These are elderly people or persons with limited mobility, patients after operations and pregnant and post-partum women. You can sit on a bidet which ensures a stable position when washing. Because it is fitted relatively high, it is easy to get off it without any assistance.

A bidet will surely be appreciated by all people – both males and females – who are sexually active and should particularly take care of intimate hygiene to minimise a risk of sexual transmitted infections. Apart from that a possibility of quick washing of sex organs in a bidet allows to keep cleanliness during menstruation.

Bearing in mind a large number of infections of intimate areas which concerns not only high-risk groups, so elderly, menopausal women, or women with disturbed vaginal microflora, characterised by lactic acid deficiency, it is ladies who above all should be interested in provision of a bidet in their bathroom. Fungal infections of genitourinary tract caused by yeasts, or bacterial infections, relate to women at any age. A bidet, to a large extent, facilitates the use of domestic countermeasures against intimate infections, particularly when there are no appropriate medicines at hand.

Arrangement and functional possibilities

Due to a sitting position you assume while using a bidet, it should be installed where at both of its sides there is a several dozens of centimetres of free space. It should be large enough so user’s legs can fit. The higher the user, the more space is needed. At the design stage it is worth positioning yourself in the point where a bidet is to be installed, and checking whether you feel comfortable and do not hit walls or the adjacent toilet bowl with your knees.

Bidets come in standing or wall-hung version which requires a concealed frame. From the point of view of tidying up and keeping cleanliness in the bathroom the second option is much more popular. It also has one more advantage over a bidet standing on the floor – its height can be adjusted to some certain extent which allows it to be suited to the height of any user, and therefore increase the comfort of use. When buying a bidet it is worth choosing the same manufacturer and the same series as a toilet bowl. With this you keep arrangement consistency in terms of shape and shade of ceramics which both models are made of.

Bidet mixers are available in most of bathroom tapware collections. Thanks to this you have a comfort of a comprehensive furnishing of the bathroom. Classic, upright bidet models – which is obvious – may differ in design, but look very similar as far as the form is concerned. They are rather low, resembling washbasin mixers. Their characteristic feature is the termination of the spout, so an aerator which is provided in a special, extended enclosure. An advantage of this part of the mixer is, as already mentioned, adjustable water stream angle, which to a large extent affects the comfort of use of a bidet. Each bidet mixer is supplied with a colour-matched plug (either automatic or click-clack) allowing for outlet closure and filling a bidet with water. Although the shape of the bowl in a bidet resembles a toilet bowl, the outlet is exactly the same as in a washbasin.

Despite the fact that bidet mixers are similar to one another, it is worth taking a closer look at them. Generally white ceramics suits any item, so arrangement possibilities are aplenty. Classic interiors are always well matched by chrome or its combination with white. Modern, minimalistic and austere bathrooms in turn are best matched by tapware with simple geometric forms and distinct black colour. Bidet mixers can also underline a specific style, e.g.. loft or glamour, and trendy combinations of finishes – gold with white or gold with black – will add elegance to any bathroom, regardless of furnishing style.

The shape of a bidet is well thought out and first of all it should be functional. Flat surface at the wall, apart from providing a space to mount a mixer, is also used to store accessories and hygienic products. You can place a washing gel, intimate care lotion there, or put away a wash cloth or sponge, and have it all at hand.

Too small a bathroom to accommodate a bidet

If you have a small bathroom and there is no space for a bidet, it does not at all mean that you cannot use functionality it gives. Bathrooms of smaller size is a very common issue of owners of flats (especially bachelor flats), who would want to put as many items as possible on a few-square-meter area. There is no need to worry – a small area is not an obstacle in the way to implement bidet solutions. Just simply choose an adequate tapware which will turn your toilet bowl into a bidet.

The first option requiring renovation works on a larger scale is a bidetta mixer for concealed installation. It is enough to route the hydraulic system so you can assemble the set as close enough the toilet bowl to be able to reach it without having to stand up from the toilet. Shower set with shower hose with anti-twist system is exceptionally comfortable in use. In addition, on the top of the metal hand shower, there is a button to stop and start the stream, thanks to which the floor will not be splashed with water when pulling the hand shower from the bracket and putting it away.

The simplest way to have a bidet without a bidet which can be implemented in any bathroom is to buy a single-point shower set. Just connect it to the washbasin mixer, and put a small hand shower in a special wall-mounted bracket. Also here, the comfort of use is so much affected by a button to start and stop the water stream.

Both of the above solutions allow you not only to have a functionality of a bidet, but also are much more applicable, facilitating many of your daily routines. With a 150 cm long shower hose, without any problem, you will fill a bucket before washing the floor, rinse the washbasin washed beforehand, clean shoes covered in mud at the toilet bowl or wash hair at the washbasin.

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