Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy spare parts for Laveo products?

Spare parts for Laveo products? can be bought in all building supplies supermarkets and hydraulic shops. In the case of lack of availability of the products, you can order them directly from the producer by contacting the Laveo Central service.

Do the spare parts of Laveo products have to be of the same brand or can I buy a part from another supplier?

Each spare part corresponding to the technical specification of a product is suitable for Laveo products, regardless of its producer. However, you must be careful in the case of colour variants of spare parts, e.g. in a granite finishing, because not all producers use the identical colour shades.

Where can I buy spare parts for cooker hoods (e.g. carbon filter)?

Spare parts can be bought by ordering them from the Laveo central service and from trading partners of the Laveo brand.

Where can I file a complaint?

Complaints on all Laveo products must be filed directly to the Central service, by a contact form available at the website.

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