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What is an Anti-Calc System in hand showers and rain showers, and how does it work?

The Anti-Calc System is a system that helps maintain cleanliness of the hand shower nozzles or rain overhead shower and ensure them better permeability. It usually comprises a system of small rubber cornets which automatically decalcify the nozzle through rubbing them with a finger. A more technologically advanced version of the anti-calc system (in Laveo products we call it easy-clean) is used in e.g. a shower column CERS and it requires only to perform one movement in order to get rid of limescale – by pressing appropriate button in the rain shower or turning the hand shower disc to initiate the self-cleaning system of micro-needles pulling out of it.

What is an anti-twist system in sower hoses?

An anti-twist system in shower hoses prevents from twisting the hose during washing. The hose equipped with the system has double braiding or is made of a material which demonstrates torsion resistance, e.g. PVC.

Is there a possibility to install the whower panel in a corner?

Yes, each panel can be installed in a corner, provided that you buy additionally a special grip for corner mounting (it is not included in the set).

Do all rain overhead ahower have the same thread so that I could bu any model for my Laveo shower column?

Yes. Rain overhead showers of most of producers have a standard fixing with a thread ½”.p>

A panel with how many nozzles it is best to buy?

In the case of shower panels the rule “the more the better” does not work, as too many nozzles with an unstable water pressure may cause some of them not functioning well. That is why it is best to invest in panels with 3–6 hyromassage elements.

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