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Evora - bateria zlewozmywakowa Evora - bateria zlewozmywakowa 405.90 zł SEE PRODUCT #imapper152-pin1:hover{ border-color:#fefff1 !important; } #imapper152-pin1:hover{ opacity:0.75 !important; }
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Raila Seeming disharmony Balancing on the edge of the abstract and the hushed, of the urbane and the common. We
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Borneo – granite sink Borneo – granite sink 750.30 zł SEE PRODUCT Sales showrooms #imapper63-pin1:hover{ border-color:#fefff1 !important; } #imapper63-pin1:hover{ opacity:0.6
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Aspe Inspiration

  • Bathroom
Aspe ASPE washbasin mixer ASPE washbasin mixer 385.64 zł SEE PRODUCT Sales showrooms #imapper64-pin1:hover{ border-color:#fefff1 !important; } #imapper64-pin1:hover{ opacity:0.6 !important;



Laveo is a Polish brand of interior products created specially for those who value proven quality and modern design. Be the first to see the latest products for bathrooms and kitchens. Stay up-to-date with Laveo campaigns.


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